A Potential Second Big Dig – Weaver Park!

Many residents and businesses in low lying, older areas have been devastated multiple times by flooding where the storm water system does not have the capacity to adequately manage flash flooding.  Streets in these higher-risk flood areas were not designed to convey storm water like they are now in newer neighbourhoods.

The City of Saskatoon’s Flood Control Strategy (FCS) is underway with the near completion of a dry storm pond in W.W. Ashley District Park, and the beginning of dry storm pond construction in Churchill Park.  The dry ponds are designed to hold storm water that would otherwise cause flooding during intense rainfalls.  They are designed to drain within 24 hours so the area can continue to be utilized as park or recreational space outside of rainfall events.

Saskatoon Water is beginning to plan the third FCS project: potential construction of a dry storm pond on the north side of Weaver Park in 2023.  If approved by City Council, the project will help mitigate flooding near the intersections at Dufferin Ave. and Cascade St. and at Dufferin Ave. and Bute St.

For questions or concerns related to this project, please, contact:
Mitch McMann, Storm Water Utility Manager
Saskatoon Water, City of Saskatoon
222 3rd Avenue North Saskatoon, SK  S7K 0J5
Phone: 306-986-0914
E-mail: stormwater@saskatoon.ca