Bus Rapid Transit Stakeholder Committee Update

The first meeting of the Nutana Stakeholder Committee will be on November 23, 2019. Updates from these meetings will be posted on the Transit Plan Engage Page as soon as they are publicly available.

You can find summaries of the reports, including engagement activities and route information, at saskatoon.ca/transit-plan, and find details of the Downtown Active Transportation Network Plan at saskatoon.ca/moving-around/cycling/cycling-plans-projects.

Find out more about Plan for Growth initiatives at saskatoon.ca/engage.  Information will be added to the Growth Plan website as it becomes available at saskatoon.ca/growth.

If you have any questions about BRT, or would like to participate in future engagement activities, please contact BRT@saskatoon.ca.  If you have any questions about the Plan for Growth in general, please contact the Growth Plan Implementation Team at growth@saskatoon.ca.

For more information, or to find schedules and other trip planning tools, visit saskatoontransit.ca or download Transit App to plan your trip using real-time bus tracking.