Publishing of Photographs

Excerpt from Policy – Protection of Personal Information
To ensure the privacy of personal information, collected by the QEXCA (the Association), and compliance with the requirements of all applicable legislation.
QEXCA (the Association) respects the need for personal information privacy and will use all such information only for the purposes needed within its programs and operations. It will not share or disclose personal information to other sources.
Publishing of Photographs
a)    No individual, other than Directors of the Association and government officials, will be identified in captions or comments of photographs published in Association media without his or her expressed consent.
b)    Individuals attending an event sponsored by the Association, at which photographs are being taken, consent to photography and its applicable use upon entry to the event.
c)    At events sponsored by the Association, for which it has recruited a photographer, the photographer will be identified as the “Event Photographer”.
d)    Photographs posted to the Association’s digital media, by individuals other than those designated by the Directors, will not be removed unless requested by the individual(s) depicted.
Any individual, who wishes to have a digital photo of himself, herself or a family member removed, may make such a request to the Directors, in writing, by email ( or postal mail (c/o Queen Elizabeth School, 1905 Eastlake Ave., Saskatoon SK  S7J 0W9).

Photo Albums

Revisit some of the activities, and see Your Community, through pictures.
Theatre-in-the-Park 2023

WinterFest 2023

Theatre-in-the-Park 2022

Theatre-in-the-Park 2021

QE Rink Rebuild 2020

Signs of the Times 2020

Rink Work Party 2019

Theatre-in-the-Park 2017

Community Day in the Park 2016

WinterFest 2015

Community Day in the Park 2014

Achs Rink Party 2014

Accessible Playground Opening 2013

New Playground at Ashley Park 2012

Achs Rink Shack 2012

Achs Rink Opening 2011

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