QEXCA Spring & Summer Volunteer Opportunities

Your community association is looking for additional help to continue to improve our community. Do you want to make a difference in your neighborhood? If so, then we invite you to join the QEXCA!

Currently, we are looking for volunteers for the following positions:

  • Theatre in the Park help
  • Community Yard Sale Coordinators
  • Summer Cleanup Coordinators
  • Community Gardens Liaison
  • City Hall Liaison
  • Business Liaison
  • Mailing List Coordinator
  • Director of Indoor Programs
  • Facility Reservation Coordinator
  • Instructor Recruitment Coordinator
  • Scheduling Coordinator

For more information about any of these roles, please read the full Volunteer Opportunities information here. If you are interested in volunteering, you can complete our Volunteer Application form, or email us at volunteers@qexca.ca.