Queen Elizabeth Watermain Replacement

The Queen Elizabeth Water Main Replacement project, through the City’s Construction and Design Division, is contracted to Acadia Construction. Expected completion is slated for the end of July 2019. All residents in the construction area have received notices.

What is the work area?
Water main replacement, as well as curb to curb resurfacing, roadwork and sidewalk repairs, will occur in the Queen Elizabeth neighbourhood:
• Adelaide St. from Victoria Ave. to Eastlake Ave.
• Ash St. from Melrose Ave. to Eastlake Ave.
• Eastlake Ave. from Ash St. to Adelaide St.

What is it an open trench water main replacement?
The infrastructure in some areas of the City is very old. The existing main water line could be cast iron or another material that has broken down over time. This work digs up that entire line and replaces it with a hard, plastic pipe (PVC), like that used in plumbing inside our homes.

Why do we have to do this work?
The area is an older neighborhood with a history of water main breaks or a need to increase the capacity of the pipeline to have adequate fire coverage. In addition, there might be a need to have several services lines replaced. This is done in conjunction with this work.

A copy of the Water Main Rehabilitation Information is available online and residents are encouraged to view it for better understanding of the work that is being done. You can also contact the Customer Care Centre anytime, at 306 975-2476, if you have further questions regarding this project.

Below is a drawing of the phases of work for the area.

Thank you to Councillor Loewen and Carla Figg, Citizen Services Manager for the City, for providing this information.