Child Care

Babysitters in Your Community

The QEXCA is compiling a Community Babysitter Registry of those who have completed the babysitter’s training course through the Canadian Red Cross, St. John’s Ambulance or the Saskatchewan Safety Council.

If you’d like to be included, please, email and tell us your
name, the month and year you were born, your phone number and which course you have completed.

Babysitters are encouraged to meet with prospective clients ahead of time.  Parents who are using this resource should contact babysitters far enough in advance to allow this to happen.

Registered Babysitters:
Megan (born Feb. 2006) St. John’s Ambulance course – 306 381-3518
Reese (born May 2004) St. John’s Ambulance course – 306 280-8656
Sarah (born Jan. 2004) St. John’s Ambulance course – 306 250-9149

The QEXCA does not screen the babysitters listed, nor does it screen the parents seeking childcare.  The parents and babysitters acknowledge that the QEXCA is not responsible for injury, loss, claim, lawsuit or other damage arising from, or related in any manner to, the parent’s and babysitter’s use of this resource list or the individuals appearing on it.

Preschools and Early Learning Centres in Your

Growing Spirits Preschool    202 Willow St.  306 659-2533

Montessori Children’s House of Saskatoon    701 Taylor St. E.  306 249-2272

Queen Elizabeth Cooperative Preschool    1905 Eastlake Ave.  306 249-3853

St. Frances Pre-Kindergarten    2141 McPherson Ave.  306 659-7310

Licensed Child Care Centres in Your Community

What is Licensed Child Care?

Charlotte Mabika (French speaking only)
903-2nd Street East  306-974-0964

Charmaine Ens (6 weeks – Kindergarten)
732 – 1st Street East  306-343-9092

Le Centre Educatif Felix Le Chat (6 semaines jusqu’à 4 ans)
1407 avenue Albert  306 653-8535

Saskatoon Open Door Society Early Learning Centre (18 months – Kindergarten)
1905 Eastlake Avenue  306 974-0394

Saskatoon Tribal Council Urban Early Learning Centre (6 weeks – Kindergarten)
2141 McPherson Avenue  306 659-2500