Saskatoon Municipal Election

The official results of the 2020 Saskatoon Civic Election will be posted, on the Saskatoon Civic Election Results website, Monday, November 16, 2020.
Congratulations to our returning Mayor, Charlie Clark and Councillors, Cynthia Block and Mairin Loewen and to the trustees of the two school boards.

The 2020 Civic Election was postponed until Friday, November 13, 2020.  See the Saskatoon Elections website for details.

The Saskatoon Elections website has all the information you will need to vote in the November 9th Municipal Election.
QEXCA provides this information to help you make your choice count.
Your Community is partly in Ward 6 and partly in Ward 7.
During the Municipal Election, you may vote for the Mayor, the City Councillor for your Ward and School Board Trustees for either the Public School Board in your Ward OR up to seven for the Separate School Board, city-wide.

For Mayor, there are six candidates:
Don Atchison
Charlie Clark Elected
Rob Norris
Zubair Sheikh
Cary Tarasoff
Mark Zielke

Ward 6 has three candidates for City Council:
Cynthia Block Elected
Lee Kormish
Jonathan (Jon) Naylor
and two candidates for Public School Board:
Kathleen Brannen Elected
Gale Hagblom

Ward 7 has four candidates for City Council:
Mairin Loewen Elected
Carol Reynolds
Jim Rhode
Darcy Warrington
and one candidate for Public School Board:
Ross Tait (acclaimed)

The Separate School Board has twelve candidates:
Shawn Baier
Ron Boechler Elected
Diane Boyko Elected
Hudson Byblow Elected
Jim Carriere Elected
Dana A. Case 306 230-3171 Elected
Bronwynn Cutts
Tim Jelinski Elected
Richard Kolla
Deb Scherbanuik Malasky
Blake Sittler
Sharon Zakreski-Werbicki Elected