Cross Country Skiing

Back Again for 2021-2022

The QEXCA provides a groomed cross-country ski trail around the perimeter of Weaver Park (Eastlake Ave. at Ruth St.)  QEXCA contracts with the City’s Parks Branch to set and maintain the trail.

The 1 kilometre trail is available daily for all to enjoy from January to mid-March – weather permitting – no membership, no fee. 
All activities on and around the trial are at your own risk.
QEXCA wants everyone to have an enjoyable skiing experience.  In the interest of safety, sportsmanship and consideration of all participants, we ask everyone to respect the trail, the park and each other.

Please, practice Ski Trail Etiquette while using trails:

  • If you enjoy walking in areas where there are ski trails, please respect skiers and avoid groomed trails. Footprints can damage the ski tracks and skating lanes, making skiing difficult and less enjoyable.
  • Dogs are not permitted on ski trails.
  • Please obey directions on one-way trails.
  • Ski on the right on double tracks.
  • Please step off the trail for faster skiers.

Protect yourself and others from COVID-19 while using the ski trail:

Do not use the trail if you are sick.
Stay 2 metres apart, at all times, from those not in your group.
Your group must not exceed the restrictions on public gatherings.
Sanitize your hands before and after the activity.
Sunflower seeds, spitting and chewing tobacco are not permitted.
Please, be considerate.

For more information about cross-country skiing, check with the Saskatoon Nordic Ski Club.