The “Brownfield” at Broadway and Taylor

An overgrown empty lot with construction equipment preparing to clean it
Brownfield before its clean up

What is a “Brownfield”? Brownfields can include sites previously used as gas stations, rail yards, dry cleaners, warehouses and storage areas for toxic substances as well as riverbanks, waterfronts, and any other sites where there was a history of commercial or industrial activity. While often associated with environmental contamination, brownfields are not necessarily contaminated. Some brownfield sites may remain underdeveloped because of stigma associated with previous commercial or industrial activity on the site. From the City of Saskatoon’s Brownfield Renewal Strategy & Incentive Program Recommendations Report 2018.

The lot on the south-west corner of Broadway Ave. and Taylor St. was the site of a gas station until the 90s. From 1952, this lot held a radio studio for CFNS, which apparently was the Radio-Prairies Nord Ltee. Station, and was in operation until 1966-67. In 1968 the Broadway Texaco service station began operations. This service station was in business until the late 1990s. In the early 1990s it switched from a Texaco to an Esso service station.

Now it is owned by a former Queen Elizabeth School student, who is conducting environmental remediation processes on the soil. That will take a couple of years to complete and obtain Provincial approval. Until then, the realtor, who is the son-in-law of the owner, has an agreement to use the property, May to October, for food trucks – maybe ice cream and lemonade.

Many thanks to Ken Dahl, City of Saskatoon Archives, for the history of the location.

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