Volunteers of the Month

Or, start looking from the first Volunteer of the Month!

May 2022

Jorden Whitenect has been our Website Coordinator since September.  He contacted us, through our Volunteers email, in response to a post.  Apart from his classroom learning about websites, Jorden has learned the ins and outs of WordPress and is now using his skills to maintain and enhance our website.  His favourite part of volunteering is learning.  “Before starting I had a very small amount of website experience but now, I have learned enough to consider myself to have decent understanding of websites.” Currently, he is a student taking Interactive Systems Design at the U of S.

In his spare time, Jorden likes to work on projects like creating games or other small programs.  This summer he hopes to take his dog, Jack, out for as many walks as he can handle.
Thank you, Jorden, for volunteering with QEXCA and for all your hard work and effort!

March 2022

Marc Legge is QEXCA’s Volunteer of the Month for March!  He began volunteering with the Community Association this year and spent a lot of time shoveling, scraping and snow blowing the Achs rink.  Marc mentioned what he enjoys about volunteering: “My favorite part about volunteering is the fame.  It’s a bit of an adjustment having the paparazzi follow you around the grocery store but you get used to it.  I haven’t paid for a meal in Saskatoon in months.  I will probably use this experience as a springboard to a reality show of some kind”.  Jokes aside, Marc has put in a lot of work this year at the Achs rink so that Your Community can enjoy the rink during the winter months.  Marc works for the Saskatchewan Health Authority, and has three boys ages six, four and one.  He’s been able to enjoy the rink with his family during this season and has also built igloo forts with his boys.  While Marc has been busy with work and volunteering his partner Carmen has been managing their home and is described by Marc as an absolute hero.  His experience at QEXCA has been great and he has been able to meet a lot of good people also volunteering in the community.

Thank you for volunteering with QEXCA and for all your hard work and effort

February 2022

Congratulations to QEXCA February Volunteer of the Month, Kurtis Burnett!  Kurtis has been volunteering for the past 5 years and has been helping out with the rinks.  For Kurtis, the best part of volunteering is knowing that neighbours in the community are able to enjoy the rinks with their families and can learn new skills, like how to skate.  His work at the rinks is greatly appreciated, especially after all the cold weather work and snow that needed to be cleared so far this season.  With all of the snow cleared the community has been able make use of the rinks and enjoy winter activities.  Kurtis is a High School Math and Art Teacher in Hepburn, SK.  He enjoys playing music and playing sports in his free time, and lives in the community with his partner Ashley and their dog Milo.

Thank you for volunteering with QEXCA Kurtis!

January 2022

Congratulations to the January QEXCA Volunteer of the Month, Sean Pion!  Sean has dedicated a significant amount of time and hard work to the community.  He has worked on the QE Rink Crew for many years before QEXCA recently welcomed him to the Board this past October.  The effort that he has put into the rinks has been a great help and allows community members to enjoy the ice during the winter months.  He is currently helping organize the 2022 Winterfest and QEXCA is hoping we’ll be able to provide the event this year.  Their children, Sophia and Benny attend Queen Elizabeth School.  So, for the last few years, Sean and Jen have served on the Queen Elizabeth School Community Council.  Outside of volunteering, Sean runs his own company.  The Recording Arts Institute of Saskatoon offers students hands-on technical training in audio engineering, filmmaking, 3D animation and video game design. 

Thank you for your commitment to the QEXCA!

November 2021

Congratulations to QEXCA November Volunteer of the Month Dustin Harrison! Dustin first began volunteering with QEXCA when he helped with the Queen Elizabeth rink rebuild project that took place last year.  After the rink rebuild he then volunteered with the Achs Park rink crew and was a big help with ensuring the rinks were ready for the community.  Dustin has furthered his volunteering roles in the community and was appointed to the Board of Directors, his current role on the Board is the Civics Director.  His favourite part about volunteering is connecting with neighbours and working together with them to build a stronger community.  The pandemic has emphasized for him how important connecting with neighbours and community is.  Dustin is a Letter Carrier with Canada Post while also helping out as an election official at the federal, provincial and municipal levels when needed.  In his free time he loves the outdoors, living by the river, and can be found walking the trails of Meewasin Valley or Disc Golfing in Diefenbaker Park.
Thank you for your commitment and effort in volunteering with QEXCA!

September 2021

For September, our Volunteer of the Month is Matt Corman.  Matt has been volunteering with QEXCA since December of 2020, initially connecting with the President of QEXCA after having an interest in organizing a groomed cross-country ski trail in Weaver Park.  The association was enthusiastic about the idea, which prompted the enthusiasm out of Matt, too.  His favourite part about volunteering is having the sense of being more connected with his community while being able to make a meaningful contribution to those around him. He has been bartending at Earl’s Saskatoon for many years and has just recently started a career with the Saskatchewan Health Authority as an Addictions Counsellor within the last year.  His girlfriend, Taylor, is a Dental Assisting student currently attending the Regina Saskatchewan Polytechnic Campus.  Together they have the joy of caring for their little rescue pup, Pierre. When Matt isn’t working or volunteering he enjoys playing disc golf and golf in the summer, along with spending time out at Wakaw lake with family and friends!
Thank you for your hard work this past year!

 August 2021

Monique Lischka Congratulations to Monique Lischka who is the August Volunteer of the Month! Monique began her involvement with QEXCA a few years ago, and recently she was the SUM Theatre Liaison for the annual Theatre in the Park event. Her favourite part of volunteering is being a part of something bigger that provides for, and nurtures the community. She is a Real Estate Agent with eXp Realty helping families on their journey to find their way home. She is blessed with a son and daughter, who are two of the most caring and kind people. Her son, Colton is a Personal Trainer at Snap Fitness and her daughter, Mykenzi is enrolled in the Automotive Service Technician course at Sask Polytechnic to become a Mechanic. Monique also has a furbaby named Pluto and he is in his teenage kitty years! He likes the odd cuddle session in between the zoomies and eating treats. She loves to spend time with her family and friends, doing home improvement projects and being outdoors. Thank you for volunteering with QEXCA!

July 2021

Congratulations to July Volunteer of the Month Audrey Adele-Rose! Audrey has been volunteering for the past 3 years with QEXCA, and has worn many hats as a volunteer. She joined the Board in 2018 and served for two years, she’s worked at events such as WinterFest and the Broadway Street Fair, and more recently she took on the role of School Liaison with Pavillon Monique Rousseau. Not only does she volunteer for QEXCA but she also is the instructor for the BollyFit/Bolly Moves program! Audrey enjoys volunteering because it gives her the feeling that she is contributing a little harmony to our community. Audrey is an Accounting Technician and, when she is not working and volunteering, she loves to guide joyful interactive dances.
Thank you to Audrey for all of your hard work and dedication!

June 2021

Congratulations to QEXCA June Volunteer of the Month, Dawn Kellington!  Dawn has taken on the role of Newsletter Coordinator and more recently Church Liaison which has been much appreciated.  Dawn has been volunteering for close to 8 months and has been doing great work.  She loves the community she lives in and volunteering allows her to connect with her neighborhood.  Along with her volunteer efforts she is a Social Worker and is a Coordinator of a centre that offers groups and programs for families with young children.  She also has a private practice where she does expressive arts therapy with children and youth and, on top of all the work she does, she is also a master’s student!  Dawn loves art and also summer, a time of year where she can enjoy gardening and going on adventures.
Thank you for your commitment and effort in volunteering with QEXCA!

May 2021

Our Volunteer of the Month for May is Kelsey Olson, our Social Media Coordinator.
Kelsey enquired about volunteer opportunities with QEXCA in the summer of 2019 and officially joined the Board at the AGM that October.
She has lived in the Exhibition neighbourhood for 13 years and wanted to become more involved and meet her neighbours. While the pandemic has placed a little “plot twist” on those intentions, for her, being a part of the wonderful QEXCA team has been a lovely experience. She has enjoyed learning about how the Community Association runs and about all the great programs it provides, as well as be involved in – many of which she was unaware of prior to joining!   “It’s a great opportunity to gain an even more sense of belonging to the place you call home!”
Kelsey’s day to day life consists of working for an environmental and conservation non-profit organization called the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) and enjoying life with her two little dachshunds, Dooie and Edie. (You’ve heard of the crazy cat lady… Have you ever heard of the crazy dachshund lady? That’d probably be her!)
She loves where she lives; loves being close to the walking trails along the river and getting out for as many rounds of disc golf as she can during the warmer months. The QEXCA sure gets to serve some of the best neighbourhoods in our city!
Your Community appreciates your commitment, Kelsey!  Thank you.

April 2021

Congratulations to QEXCA’s April Volunteer of the Month David Richard! David has been volunteering since last November after he noticed posters advertising that volunteers were needed for rink maintenance. When David was growing up, he would play on the outdoor rinks and thought it was a good way to give back to the community. His work at the rinks was a great help this winter, especially since they had a busy season and were enjoyed by many. David is a firefighter/paramedic with the City of Saskatoon Fire Department and on his days off this past winter you could often find him helping with the rinks such as bending chain link on the rink nets. He has an exciting summer ahead of him with moving into a new home and marrying his fiancé. David and his fiancé have a dog named Bernard who also makes use of the community rinks to play a game of fetch. Although David will be moving to another community, his time volunteering at QEXCA has been greatly appreciated! 
Thank you for all of the hard work David!

March 2021

March Volunteer of the Month goes to Rhett Sangster! Rhett has lived in the community since 2014 and decided to volunteer a few years after to help with the rinks. He loves helping out with the rinks, and being a part of a team of community volunteers. Through volunteering he has seen that it’s possible to pull together a group of neighbours to do things such as ice the rink every year for the community to enjoy. Rhett also loves the community building aspect to it and being able to meet those within the community while providing a service to the residents. Rhett mentions that “there’s something strangely meditative about walking two blocks to the rink and enjoying the fresh air and the quiet of the city as you scrape and flood the rink.” He also loves to skate, play hockey and watching his kids enjoy the ice. His family (wife Karla, and three children) are able to walk just a few blocks to one of the community rinks. They also enjoy spending time at the local parks and biking along the river. Outside of volunteering he works at the Office of the Treaty Commissioner where he helps to build relationships and partnerships for action toward truth, reconciliation and Treaty implementation. It’s about building understanding and common cause for a better future for us all.
QEXCA appreciates the hard work you have done for you community!

February 2021

The Volunteer of the Month for February goes to Ashley Goy!
Ashley has been volunteering with QEXCA for close to two years. She started off by distributing advertising posters in the community for the Annual Theatre in the Park event. The flexibility of volunteering with QEXCA is what interested her in the beginning since volunteering can range from handing out flyers, volunteering for one event or can be as involved as sitting on the Board. The great work and organization of the QEXCA is what drew her to further her volunteer efforts and to join the Board. Volunteering with the QEXCA has been a great way to take part in helping make a difference within the community, and as the Director of Volunteers she is able to work with and meet people within the community. Outside of volunteering Ashley works as a Program Coordinator at Dumont Technical Institute and enjoys working at an organization that promotes Métis culture. She is currently on maternity leave and likes spending time outside with her husband Joel, sons Davis and Beckett, and dog. Their favorite outdoor activities as a family include tobogganing and skating in the winter and in the summer, paddle boarding and swimming at the lake.
Thanks for your commitment to the Community Association!

January 2021

Andrea Koh is QEXCA’s Volunteer of the Month for January!
Andrea has been volunteering for QEXCA for slightly less than a year and is very involved with the Community Association. Her focus is on programming. Her strong work ethic and dedication to her community is a great asset to QEXCA and allows for our programming to adapt and continue during these uncertain times. Andrea enjoys volunteering in the programming area and being able to see the results of her efforts (great programming for our community to enjoy). Outside of volunteering Andrea works as a LINC Assistant Coordinator and helps organize English language classes for newcomers in Saskatoon. When Andrea isn’t busy working or volunteering, she enjoys spending time with her wife, Iris, who has been an amazing source of love and support and has two adorable cats. Andrea also enjoys staying active by kayaking, yoga, swimming and walking along the Meewasin trail.
Thank you for all of your hard work with QEXCA!

December 2020

Congratulations to QEXCA’s December volunteer of the month Lynn Adamson!
Lynn’s first involvement with the community started years ago when she enrolled in the QEXCA’s Zumba and Aerobics classes. They appealed to her because they were close by in the neighbourhood and the price was right. When she retired from her career in Administration Management she was looking for volunteer opportunities and the Secretary position with QEXCA was open and so she decided to join the Board in September 2018. Belonging to the Community Association has given her the opportunity to be more engaged through QEXCAs events and projects, as well as the city by participating in the Exhibition LAP, Ashley Park Redesign and the Neighbourhood Bikeways Project. She has been impressed with all the people she’s met. Lynn was born and raised in the Queen Elizabeth neighbourhood and still lives in her family home with her sister. She enjoys working on her green thumb in the garden, and golfing.
Thank you Lynn for your dedication to support and improve our community!

November 2020

QEXCA’s Volunteer of the Month for November is Bob McNaughton!
Bob has been volunteering with the QEXCA as long as it has been the QEXCA.  He began, in 2012 when the two associations amalgamated, by offering to help with the website.  With the resignation of the Communication Coordinator, Bob “inherited” that role, which included the newsletter and social media.
Looking for more things to do, he contacted the schools, churches and library to open and maintain communication lines with these community organizations.  He has helped with most Association events and many other community activities in these past eight years.
At the AGM, in October of 2019, he was elected President.  He hopes his two-year term will have a positive impact on the three neighbourhoods.  For Bob, the best part of working with the Association is seeing the community thrive.
He and Bev watch the birds at the feeders in the yard and, when not restricted by a pandemic, they enjoy Scottish country dancing.
Congratulations Bob! Thanks for all of your hard work.

October 2020

Shawn Volk is QEXCA’s Volunteer of the Month for October!
He has been volunteering with the Community Association for the past three years, and has been very involved with maintenance/assisting with the rinks and with sitting on the QEXCA Board. Shawn is always willing to lend a helping hand in the community and, while volunteering, he has had opportunities to meet neighbors and members of the community. By having such an active role with QEXCA Shawn is able to contribute to building a stronger community to raise his family in. In his spare time Shawn enjoys spending time with his wife, Denise, and two young sons, Benjamin and Logan. His family loves to play sports, along with walking and biking in the neighborhood. Thank you for volunteering with QEXCA and for all your hard work and efforts!

September 2020

Congratulations to the September Volunteer of the Month Ileana Delgado! Ileana has been involved with QEXCA for the past five years. Her role with the Board as Treasurer has been an important role with a high level of responsibility as she coordinates the finances for QEXCA. Her hard work and organization ensure that the Board and Community Association are well informed with the current financials and that the QEXCA finances are in order. Volunteering with QEXCA has allowed Ileana to give back to the community and be a part of the community. Outside of working and volunteering Ileana has discovered her inner artist.
Thank you for your outstanding work with QEXCA!

August 2020

Congratulations to the August Volunteer of the Month Crystal Touet!
Crystal has been volunteering with QEXCA since 2012 and has been an integral part of the community for the past eight years. She has played a major role with QEXCA by sitting on the QEXCA Board and Program Coordinating. Her dedication and hard work as a volunteer with QEXCA provides the community with quality programs that give those residing in Queen Elizabeth, Exhibition and Haultain neighbourhoods a place to join activities and classes close to home. For Crystal, volunteering has given her an opportunity to give back to her community while meeting members of the community. Outside of volunteering, she also enjoys travelling, dancing and bikes rides with her family.
Thank you for your commitment to the QEXCA!

July 2020

QEXCA is excited to announce the very first Volunteer of the Month.
Congratulations to Josh Remai for being voted July Volunteer of the Month! Josh has been volunteering with QEXCA for about 5 years, and began his volunteering journey by helping with the rinks. He has put in a lot of time and effort to ensure Your Community has a place to enjoy a game of hockey or ice skating in the winter months. Josh also sits on the QEXCA Board of Directors. Volunteering has given Josh an opportunity to meet those within the community and to place names with the familiar faces he sees in his neighborhood. Outside of working and volunteering, Josh keeps busy sailing, playing hockey, signing up for triathlons and, together with his partner Julie Barnes, enjoying the outdoors.