Volunteer of the Month

Congratulations to QEXCA June Volunteer of the Month, Dawn Kellington!  Dawn has taken on the role of Newsletter Coordinator and more recently Church Liaison which has been much appreciated.  Dawn has been volunteering for close to 8 months and has been doing great work.  She loves the community she lives in and volunteering allows her to connect with her neighborhood.  Along with her volunteer efforts she is a Social Worker and is a Coordinator of a centre that offers groups and programs for families with young children.  She also has a private practice where she does expressive arts therapy with children and youth and, on top of all the work she does, she is also a master’s student!  Dawn loves art and also summer, a time of year where she can enjoy gardening and going on adventures.
Thank you for your commitment and effort in volunteering with QEXCA!

Learn about Volunteers from previous months.
If there is someone volunteering for the Association whom you feel deserves recognition, send your nomination to Ashley volunteers@qexca.ca.

Share Your Skills and Talents

The QEXCA offers residents a chance to join together, plan and provide programs and events, and get to know your neighbours. Take part in Your Community Association and help make Your Community an even better place to live!

There are many ways you can volunteer:

  • help connect with schools or churches
  • help clean a park or back lane
  • help organise a special event
  • help maintain one of our rinks
  • keep the Community informed about civic affairs
  • help develop partnerships with local businesses
  • serve refreshments at an event

Specifically, we are looking for:

  • a Website Coordinator to maintain and improve our WordPress website
  • a Civics Coordinator to learn, and make residents aware of, issues in the neighbourhoods
  • help to develop recreation programs for children or seniors and
  • a Social Coordinator to organise activities, which promote the values of the Association and entertain and educate the residents.

Community Association volunteers make friends, share their knowledge and expertise, get exercise or build their resume with positive work experience.

Contact us at volunteers@qexca.ca to find out how you can take action and improve life in Your Community!