Our Second Big Dig – Weaver Park!

Photo Credit – City of Saskatoon

April 2024 Update

The City of Saskatoon sent out a flyer to residents surrounding Weaver Park to remind them that the dry storm pond and the multi-purpose field are still closed at this time to allow the landscaping to be completed. At this time, it has not been decided when the storm pond and accompanying field will be available to be used by the community.

Many residents and businesses in low lying, older areas have been devastated multiple times by flooding where the storm water system does not have the capacity to adequately manage flash flooding.  Streets in these higher-risk flood areas were not designed to convey storm water like they are now in newer neighbourhoods.

The City of Saskatoon’s Flood Control Strategy (FCS) is underway with the completion of the dry storm pond in W.W. Ashley District Park and the nearly completed construction in Churchill Park.  The dry ponds are designed to hold storm water that would otherwise cause flooding during intense rainfalls.  They are designed to drain within 24 hours, so the area can continue to be utilized as park or recreational space outside of rainfall events.

Plans by Saskatoon Water are on track for the third FCS project: construction of a dry storm pond on the north side of Weaver Park this year.  The project, which was approved by City Council on April 25, 2022, will help mitigate flooding near the intersections at Dufferin Ave. and Cascade St. and at Dufferin Ave. and Bute St.

This project update has the latest information about the Weaver Park Project. The next project update is scheduled for 2024.

Related to the Weaver Park Dry Storm Pond Project, the City will be removing and replacing old watermains.  If you have been notified of a watermain and service connection replacement project on your street, this short informational video explains the process and what to expect.

As well, this summer, the City will expand the scope of the project to include irrigation upgrades on the south side of the park, which will be fenced off and closed for construction beginning in late-July.
During the dry storm pond project engagement process, the City had committed to keeping the playground open, however this recent change in scope means construction will now be taking place on all four sides of the playground. The playground will also be affected by the irrigation upgrades.
These upgrades mean the park will be completely irrigated – both the pond (north) and the multipurpose field (south).
It is the City’s aim to keep the playground open for as long as possible, but it will eventually be fenced off and temporarily closed.  It will reopen this fall or possibly earlier, depending on adjacent construction progress.

If you have any questions about the watermain project, please contact:
Transportation & Construction Division | tel 306.975.2476
Construction & Design Department | Technical Services Department
City of Saskatoon | 222 3rd Avenue North | Saskatoon, SK  S7K 0J5

Please, visit “Weaver Park Redesign” for a recorded presentation that includes the renderings, information on how the dry storm pond will function and an explanation on the various stages of construction.

For questions or concerns related to this project, please, contact:
Mitch McMann, Storm Water Utility Manager
Saskatoon Water, City of Saskatoon
222 3rd Avenue North Saskatoon, SK  S7K 0J5
Phone: 306-986-0914
E-mail: mitchell.mcmann@saskatoon.ca